How Travel Writers Self-Publish

Ep#43: How to Narrow the Scope of your Travel Guide

November 1, 2020

In this 10-minute show, travel writer Jay Artale talks about the different decisions needed to narrow done the content scope of a Travel Guide. Even though she's published multiple guides, she still use the concepts and strategies she shared in Book 1 of "How To Write and Self-Publish a Travel Guide" series. 

  • Are you writing a traditional Travel Guide or Travel Narrative?
  • Would a Hybrid guide work for your content? 
  • How to use Theme and Angle to define your content scope. 

In order to stand out in the travel guide market place, your book has to appeal to a specific audience niche in order to get noticed. As Jay walks you through the evaluation of her Cambodia Travel Guide, it'll help you assess the decisions you need to make about your own travel guide.

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