How Travel Writers Self-Publish

Ep#24: Travel Writing Tips and Advice from a Writing Coach (Guest: Gillian Culff)

September 30, 2019

In this 20-minute show travel writer Jay Artale chats with editor and writing coach Gillian Culff. This episode is packed full of actionable advice. Discover how to establish a productive working relationship with a writing coach and use Gillian's tips to improve your travel guide, travel memoir, or travel narrative. Here's what we covered in this show:

  • Working with a writing coach
  • The difference between writing a blog installment and a book
  • Are you including too much detail in your memoir?
  • How to avoid using a chronological approach to your travel memoir
  • The importance of authenticity in your memoir
  • Using disclaimers to preserve the narrative flow of your travel memoir
  • Establishing a working relationship with a writing coach
  • The value of creative writing classes and workshops
  • What content falls under the category of creative nonfiction and how to use it in your nonfiction book or travel guide

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